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94 Points (Atlanta Wine School)

Tasting Note:<br />Substantial alcohol doesn’t get in the way of its balance, so this big, full-bodied red wine with a deep ruby red color brings forth aromas of plums and spice. Composed 50/50 of Syrah and Petit Sirah, this big but balanced red wine provides the palate with supple tannins, generous dark fruits—lots of blackberry, loganberry and black currant—with some coffee and cocoa notes. Mouthwatering, with good acidity and a fine, long, clean finish. Important: decant and serve cool. This big wine will stay in the fight for several days after being opened; just be sure to stash it in the fridge. Might cellar well for a couple of years, but mark when you bought it as it’s nonvintage. Really delicious, and a terrific value. Foods: Coarse-textured terrines (rather than smoother pâtés); pasta with meat sauces (duck and mushrooms for instance); pork loin brushed with dark fruit glaze; picadillo; meat pies, Asian beef dishes (Korean beef; Vietnamese “shaking” beef); meat casseroles and stews; well seasoned legume dishes; blue cheeses (creamy rather than sharp); dark chocolate (about 60% cacao). <br /><br />Review Date:<br />October 1, 2009<br /><br />General Wholesale:<br />$12.00<br /><br />Source:<br /><a tooltip="linkalert-tip" target="_self" href=""></a><br />